• The Greatest Means of Excelling

    The fountainhead of good deeds is the intellect and he who does not have intellect and wisdom, does not have any goodness, because abundant good is linked to wisdom (2:269) and wisdom is one of the names of intellect. Thus the greatest means of excelling others is wisdom in which is hidden the treasure of abundant good.

  • Tajalla (He/it became visible, evident, manifest)

    In the spiritual journey of the personal world, there comes first the mountain of soul and then the mountain of intellect. The mountain of soul is smashed into pieces by the manifestation of God, therefore, Hazrat Musa did not have His vision (didar) (7:143) at that place. It is at the mountain of intellect, that every Prophet and every wali of God has His didar, because it remains intact in its place. Thousand Wisdoms

  • Qabas (Spark of light)

    Prior to the mention of the bringing of the spark of light or flame in verse (20:10), there is the mention of Allah's beautiful names in verse (20:8), which is an indication that by the grace of God, the True Guide can establish a luminous bridge of ism-i azam between himself and his followers. He can initially give them a spark of light and gradually perfect it, but there is the pre-requisite of love, knowledge and good deeds on the part of the followers. Thousand Wisdoms

  • Ocean of the Universal Soul

    Every follower of a faith also has a communal and a religious life, and the final and greatest life of all kinds of people is the one towards which they have to return, willingly or unwillingly (3:83), which is such a universal life that in it all the souls of the people found from pre-eternity to post-eternity live as a single soul (31:28). As God says: “Your creation (in pre-eternity) and your resurrection (in post-eternity) are but as one soul (i.e. the Universal Soul)”. That is, all of you are one in the Universal Soul. If you create the eye of certainty in yourself you will see how, despite your being a single drop of soul, you are one in the ocean of the Universal Soul.

  • luminous Lamp

    It is our firm belief, faith and certainty that the Holy Prophet was the "embodied light", because he was sent by God in the rank of light (5:15) and made a luminous lamp (33:46). If there were a lamp in the world which was living, speaking and wise, its hearing, seeing, insight and speech would also have been luminous.

  • Ahillah (New moons)

    It is said in verse (2:189): "They ask you about the new moons. Say: They are times fixed for men, and for pilgrimage." Some of the wisdoms of this verse are: (i) The sun is the example of the light of azal and the new moon is the luminous birth of its mazhar of the time. (ii) The sun is the symbol of the holy Prophet and the moon is the symbol of the Imam of the time. (iii) Everything has a renewal, but the renewal of the moon is very conspicuous. Thousand Wisdoms

  • Ayat (Miracles of knowledge)

    According to verse (36:12) God, by His perfect power, has encompassed every subtle and inner thing of His magnificent and unprecedented kingdom in the Imam-i mubin. These things are the quintessence of the universe and the existents and the compendium of His signs. Thus, alluding to this fountainhead of knowledge and wisdom and treasure of the secrets of recognition (i.e. the Imam-i mubin), it is said: "And there are signs (miracles) in the earth for the people of certitude and within yourselves (potentially). Will you not then see?" (51:20-21). Thousand Wisdoms

Rubab, Daff and TablaThis site is dedicated to devotional poetry of the poet who has very kindly given permission to make his work available to those who desire for spiritual enlightment and which is very much near to the hearts of the sufi and Ismaili believers.

His poetry is not ordinary or be linked with worldly knowledge but is a result of many years of riyazat (spiritual struggle) of body, soul and intellect. He is the perfect example and a role model for those who are searching for a living model who can be linked with Salman-i Farsi, Abu Zar, Pir Nasir Khusraw and other great dia's.

Two centuries ago, this tradition was introduced by Pirs of the Indian Sub-Continent  and Central Asia who after establishing this tradition also came to Hunza and other valleys of Northern Pakistan from Badakhshan.

Hazrat Dawud

... And We subjected the moutains and the birds to glorify Our parises along with Dawud.

Sura 21 Ayat 79

Walayat of Imam cAli

The holy Prophet said: "Beware that Allah is my wali and I am the wali of evry mu'min, he whose mawla I am, cAli is his mawla.
Ref: The Holy Ahl-i Bayt in the Prophetic Traditions

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